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Behind The Fairy


My name is Leah, I am an artist from Columbus Ohio.

As for the art that I do. Most of it involves things that I pluck from the ground, find in thrift stores, and am handed by people. Usually when I'm handed something it involves the phrase, "I know you can do something with this!"

 So, watch my site for interesting projects that I make with the various things people let fall to the ground, leave behind on the bus, forget on the train, drop as they walk down the street, or just lose!

If you happen to have things to get rid of, and don't want them wasting away in a landfill, I'd be happy to take them off your hands! I am always looking for the following:

- Cigar boxes*, wooden boxes*, hat boxes*, jewelery boxes*... Boxes of any kind really!

- coffee cans, wine bottle corks (actual cork), tins* of any shape and size

- Paper (maps*, books*, scrapbooking scraps and cut offs)

- pencils

- little toys* (army men, quarter machine toys, small plastic animals/people)

- old yardsticks* and rulers without metal*

- Jewelry that can be taken apart* OR vintage costume jewelery

- Salvage from old houses and farms (wood, windows, doors, shutters, vintage lock faces*, decorative metal)

- pure wool sweaters* (even if they've shrunk)

- clean t-shirts* and denim*

- keys*, lock facings*, door handles*

- clock hands and metal gears

- buttons

- metal bottle caps from beer/soda bottles*, tea bottles*, sauce/pickle jars*, canning jar lids*

- statuary and pottery of any kind

 And if you send me two of any of the above items (marked with a *), plus shipping, I'll send you one of them back turned into something pretty and/or useful!







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