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Bottle Cap Pendants or Magnets


Each pendant is crafted for a one of a kind piece of art. Pendants can be used as necklaces, keychains, or cell phone lanyards.


Pendants or magnets are great for

  • Baby shower favors
  • Bridal shower favors
  • Wedding favors
  • Wedding "Save The Date" favors
  • Birthday party favors
  • Church or youth camp favors
  • School or group fundraisers


Due to the nature of this product I am only able to control the kind of bottle cap used as far as alcoholic beverage or not. For the moment I produce pendants with a limited amount of subject matter unless the request is for more than 10 pieces.

Quantity Discounts:

 30 -  49 pieces = $4.50

 50 -  79 pieces = $4.00

 80 -  99 pieces = $3.50

100 - 200 pieces = $3.00

200 + pieces = $2.00

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