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The Fairy and her goods can now be found on Listia.

Listia is like E-Bay but FREE! On most auctions you only pay shipping. Bids are made with points rather than money.

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Button and Bead Rings

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Check out the web store for a new product!

I now offer button and bead rings made with vintage and second hand buttons on a wire ring. The wire of the ring comes in silver or gold tone with your choice of colored buttons. I can also make the ring in colored wire for an additional charge.

TA DA!!!

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I would like to introduce you to “Thurman”! I just finished him a couple of days ago.



I have three more to make for my family.


On other fronts, I’m going to be going to Recaptured Originalsto drop off consignment pieces for sale on Tuesday. My crafts and artwork aregoing to be in a store! I’m very excited.


It’s all one step closer to where I want to be.


I've decided to offer Memorial Animals for sale. I will use an item of clothing belonging to the person that the animal is for and sew or knit an animal of your choosing in memorial of them for you.

Have a great evening folks,






The Fairy

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