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Hello Everyone,


I hope that you’re all doing well.


Personally I have very little to show for the time that I’venot put into my blog or site. I’ve been doing lots of work without much to showfor it. Had to get the old Singer repaired again. Turns out that if I use theright needle, I won’t have so many problems.


I have plans for an art exhibit that I’m hashing out with afew people. Must work on things for that as well.

To tide you over, here's a website with a great craft tutorial for Kumihimo braiding:


Keep on swimming, keep on swimming….





The Fairy

Easter, Inspiration, and Work

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Ah Spring.

All the flowers are blooming, people are coming out of the woodwork,and there seems to be more to do than two months ago when we were all stillcaught in the frigid embrace of Winter.

It seems like the perfect time to start new projects! I have a few up mysleeve. (I still need to find some tutorials to share and I’m definitely opento suggestions.)

I work two jobs outside of my crafty and creative ventures. The first isn’tat all creative. I do administrative “stuff” for a property management company.The other is more interesting. I work in an antique mall on Saturdays. Thispast Saturday I met a gentleman who was working on an art project in his home.He’s blogging his ongoing projects here: thisoldwall.blogspot.com

In other news, I gave Thurman to my grandmother for Easter. He was a bighit! She even got a little misty eyed. I have at least one more to make for mygreat-aunt. While I was at grandma's for the family get-together, she gave me more buttons! I have about 20 projects in mind to do with them. I've also been given a whole bunch of supplies by a friend of mine. (Thank you Sam!)

I need to do more projects and finish more things. I’mhoping that the spring air will get to me.


The Fairy

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